Salman Khan Workout and Diet for Sultan

Salman Khan is training very hard to play the role of Pehlwan (Wrestler) in his upcoming movie 'Sultan' directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. In the movie Salman Khan is portraying the role of Sultan Ali Khan, a wrestler who has problems in his personal and professional. The trailer of movie shows the super ripped and bulky physique of Salman Khan as Pehlwan. The trailer has crossed over 5 million views in just 24 hours of its launch which clearly shows the popularity of Salman and the film. So let us look at Salman Khan's Body Workouts and diet training for Sultan Movie revealed. 

"Wrestling is not a sport, it's about fighting what lies within"- Sultan.

Workout routine

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Salman is training with Hollywood fight choreographer Larnell Stovall for the movie fight scenes. He requires a Mixed Martial Artist kind of Physique for the movie thats why he is training really hard on his body. The gruelling training session has left Salman exhausted and in deep pain. Earlier he was doing work out differently but now his work out is aimed towards making him strong as he is doing it in healthy way. He work out for 4 hours and follows it up with some weight training. 

"I am learning how to grapple, the floor work (important for fighters), how to kick and how to get kicked! It’s not that we cannot do what they (fighters) do, but they have been doing it for so many years, they do it with ease. I need to get that ease, the flexibility, power and quickness in me. I do about three-four kicks every day, but have to increase it to 150-200 kicks."

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Diet plan

The weight he wants to gain for the movie is with muscles and there's not much of a diet for it but he tries to eat as clean as possible as he wanted to gain weight in healthy way.

"The weight I need to put on is of the muscular kind. It’s got nothing to do with diet. I eat correctly — I have my protein, chicken and fish. I need to train harder and be focused"

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