Edward Norton Workouts and Diet

 Edward Norton Workouts and Diet
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Edward  Norton was born on August 18, 1969 in Columbia, Maryland. The talented actor Edward Norton gained celebrity status by playing roles in such films as Primal Fear, Fight Club, Kingdom of Heaven, The Illusionist, The Painted Veil, Incredible Hulk and Rounders. Norton made his directorial debut in the movie Keeping The Faith. The Maryland native stunned audiences everywhere with his chiseled physique in the drama movie, American History X where Norton plays a reformed skinhead leader. Edward Norton is also an environmentalist and social activist off screen.To pack on the amazing 35 pounds of lean muscle, Norton was put on a high protein, heavy calorie diet. Edward grazed on lean protein sources like chicken, turkey or fish all day long to assist in the muscle building process. The added protein also helped the actor to increase his metabolism for maximal fat burning. His eating schedule consisted of six or seven frequent meals throughout the actor’s day to sustain energy and provide a steady supply of nutrients. It’s no doubt that the diet helped the actor to play the lead role in American History X.

Edward  Norton Workouts Routines

For Edward Norton to transform his body into Derek Vinyard as quickly as possible he would have concentrated mainly on compound movements which are brilliant for working the greatest number of muscle fibres at any given second of movement. This in turn helps massively to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue.
One of the biggest mistakes most guys make when trying to achieve results and muscle mass quickly is concentrating on isolated movements and large number of sets. Isolated sets certainly have their place in a workout but the over use of them, especially when trying to achieve quick results, runs the high risk that you will fall into the overtraining trap. We all know that overtraining is terrible and leaves you tired and totally unmotivated not to mention poor results and the chance of illness.
  • Shoulder Press or Military Press
The military press is crucial for shoulder muscle development. You can include two variations, in front of the neck and behind, alternating between them with each workout.

  • Pull Ups
 Pull-ups are going to really dial in and get your back muscles looking great. Use either an overhand grip or an underhand grip; whatever is most comfortable for you. 

  • Back Hyperextensions
 Finish up the workout with some back hyperextensions. This will work your hamstrings as well as your erector spinae muscles, which are important for developing a stable base to your body.

  • Chest Press or Bench Press
 Edward  Norton Dieting Routines

Being an actor of his  Edward Norton would be able to afford the right food, supplements and the best trainers money can buy. I can't say if he had a trainer or not, but I would assume with a three month deadline he wouldn't be taking any chances. With his smaller frame they could easily make him appear quite large by comparison building up his back, chest and shoulders.

If you already have a larger amount of muscle then you will need to develop a diet that will help you to lean yourself out and drop your body’s fat levels. Ideally you will need to concentrate on a higher protein diet. The reason behind this is that when you consume high protein foods your body actually uses more calories when trying to digest the protein. This means your net calorie intake is lower than it would be if you had just ate carbohydrates.
When you are trying to get rid of body fat you naturally begin to consume less carbohydrates and fat so your body will turn to protein as a fuel source. By eating a diet which is high in protein you are actually protecting your body’s store of protein so it still has enough to build and maintain muscle tissue.
It is important that when you are following a high protein diet that the majority of carbohydrates that you consume are placed just before a workout. This helps the carbohydrates into the muscle cells rather than the fat cells.

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