John Abraham Workout routine & Diet Plan

John Abraham Body Workout John Abraham is an Indian actor and producer best known for Force, Dishoom, Rocky Handsome, Shootout at Wadala and Madras Cafe. John has been titled as sexiest men a number of times. John Abraham has one of the best body in the entire Bollywood. John Abraham follows strict workout routine & diet plan and focuses on two body parts a day. According to John, "healthy life is like a tripod - good food, good sleep and a good workout routine." Vinod Channa is John Abraham's fitness trainer who works out with John in the Gym. John has a ectomorph body type, which means he is naturally lean and have a tendency to lose weight easily. He really need to exercise heavily and eat well if he wants to gain weight. "I am where I am because of certain chances I took. But these chances didn't just happen. I made them happen," says John Abraham. So let us look at John Abraham's Workout Schedule and Diet plan.

Height: 6 ft 1 inch or 185 cm
Weight: 86 kg or 190 pounds
Chest: 47 inch
Biceps: 19 inch
Waist: 34 inch

Sahil Khan Workout routine & Diet plan

Sahil Khan Bodybuilding  Physique Sahil Khan is an Indian actor, Model and professional bodybuilder. He best known for his roles in Style, Xcuse Me & Aladin. Sahil Khan is the actor turned bodybuilder who owns the first Beach Gym in Goa (MUSCLE N BEACH GYM). Sahil is popularly known as India’s Official Aesthetic King in fitness awareness, winning awards by several prestigious bodies in Mumbai. "I feel that my soul has always been more of a bodybuilder than of an actor. Style happened to me just by chance. People loved my movie, they still remember me and my character but in spite of that I never feel like a celebrity. I always feel like a bodybuilder," Sahil said. So let us look at Sahil Khan's Bodybuilding training regime.

Margot Robbie Workout & Diet for Harley Quinn Revealed

Margot Robbie Body Harley Quinn Margot Robbie is an Australian actress best known The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad, Focus, Neighbours (TV Series) and The Legend of Tarzan. Margot Robbie played the critically acclaimed character of Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad. It was not as easy for her to play Harley Quinn and She prepared both mentally and physically. Margot Robbie wore tiny shorts and cropped top in the movie as demanded by the character. She needed to fit in the costume in 2 weeks so it was Margot Robbie's workout and diet that helped her to achieve the look desired for the role. Margot Robbie worked 2-3 hours per day with her fitness trainer Andie Hecker and transformed herself into Harley Quinn both physically and mentally. Before movie she used to workout with Hecker for about an hour, 4 to 5 times a week. So let us look at Margot Robbie's fitness regime for Suicide Squad.

Michael Bisping MMA Workout & Diet plan

Michael Bisping Body Workout & Diet plan Michael Bisping is mixed martial artist and the current  UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Middleweight Champion. MMA is one of the most exhausting sport which requires all- strength, stamina, speed. But with the help of his training and nutrition he never runs out of breath in the middle of a bout. Being a UFC Fighter Michael Bisping trains rigorously and carefully watches his diet. Bisping's training regime is developed by his coach Sean Keefe which includes strength and conditioning. He also follows circuit training which is great for complete body conditioning without equipment's. So let us look at Michael Bisping's Body Workout training and diet regime.

Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 84 kg or 185 pounds

Rohit Khandelwal Workout & Diet plan

Rohit Khandelwal BodyRohit Khandelwal is an Indian professional model and actor. He became World’s Most Desirable Man by winning the prestigious title of Mr. World 2016. He is the first ever Asian to crowned this title. He also won the Mr. India title in 2015. It was not easy for Rohit to win these competitions. He completely transformed his personality which needed a lot of hard work and full determination. He defeated 46 contestant across the globe to win this title. There were 5 challenges in 12 days in the fight of Mr. World 2016. The challenges were related to Extreme Strength, sports, Talent & Creativity, Fashion & Style and Multimedia. These challenges needed extreme physical fitness so he did rigorous training and took his physique to the next level.