Mr. World Thakur Anoop Singh Workout and Diet

Thakur Anoop Singh is an Indian actor, bodybuilder and fitness model. Anoop has been a part couple of TV shows like Jai Bajrang Bali, Dwarkadheesh-Bhagwaan Shri Krishna, Ramayan and Akbar Birbal. He is best known for playing the role of Dhritarasthra in Mahabharat. He recently won the title of "Mr. World 2015" at World Body-building Championship in Thailand. Let us see Mr. World Thakur Anoop Singh workout routine and diet plan.

Height: 6 ft or 182 cm
Weight: 80 kg or 176 pounds

Workout routine

"Every morning wake up only to conquer and make the day the best day of your life and push your Limits," says Anoop Singh.

According to Anoop, "There’s no shortcuts to success". This is the only mantra he follows whether to get fit or get successful in his career.

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  • He workouts for 2 times a day.
  • He also Jog or Brisk for burning fat.
  • He does cardio and stretching on alternative days to burn more fat and to make body flexible. 
  • He is a fan of sports games like Kabaddi and also enjoys MMA which require stamina and dedication.
  • According to him, walking early morning while having empty stomach is also a simple way, as the metabolism rate during early morning is pretty fast. So you tend to burn that fat under the love handle quicker. 
"A sore body today is a strong body tomorrow! How I am after an early morning workout," Anoop shared in a twitter feed.

Diet plan

"Body drying process on… zero carb intake since a month… The tongue has forgotten that taste.. Throat dry but determination high," Thakur Anoop shared on his instagram account.

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  • He is on a high protein less carb diet as he is consuming 40 egg whites a day.
  • He also includes 300gms of chicken breast in every meal and a post fish (oil and salt free) in the night before he sleep.
  • He avoids carbs after 6 pm.
  • His carbs comes from sweet potato or honey and rice in the day time.
  • "I prefer having a good meal of oats with isopure protein powder mixed in it. It gives me great carb to protein ratio for my starters," Anoop says.
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“So many battles won.. So many more to win… Eliminating your competition…. Is absolutely ain’t no sin,” he shared on his facebook page.

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