Joseph Gordon-Levitt Workout and Diet

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an American actor and filmmaker. He is best known for Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, (500) Days of Summer, Looper and Don Jon. Joseph is not much of a fitness guy at all, instead of going to Gym everyday he likes playing basketball with his friends. But for the movie Don Jon he worked very hard with his strict workout and diet he got amazing results. In the movie the character he played bulks up more to impress girls than for the sake of fitness itself. "Bodybuilding is not my thing. I like to play basketball with my friends on the weekends or I’ll ride a bike for some exercise but this character is very vain. He’s very concerned with how he looks. He has a very rigid set of expectations of what a man is supposed to look like," Joseph says. So let us look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt's body fitness training workout and diet.

Height: 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
Weight: 154 pounds or 70 kg
Chest: 40 in or 102 cm
Biceps: 15 in or 38 cm
Waist: 32 in or 81 cm

Workout routine

He worked out for two hours in the gym for 5 days a week. He was lifting as heavy as possible with everything, and then he would finish every workout with abs work before running 2 miles as fast as possible. Rest is also necessary if you are lifting heavy to recover for next workout.

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Workout schedule

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Arms
Saturday/Sunday: Off

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Exercises includes:
  • Pull-ups: Do it as much as you can
  • Dead lift: 4 sets of 8,6,4,2 reps (increase weight after each set)
  • Cable rows: 4 sets of 8,6,4,2 reps (increase weight after each set)
  • Close grip pull downs on a hammer strength machine: 4 sets of 8,6,4,2 reps (increase weight after each set)
  • Power cleans: 4 sets of 8,6,4,2 reps (increase weight after each set)
  • 100 sit ups, knees to elbows
  • Run 2 miles
  • 15 bur-pees
  • 20 wall throws with a 20lb med ball
  • 25 kettle-bell swings 
Diet plan

His ate 6-8 meals a day and was avoiding junk foods, dairy products and sugar. He also had to cut down on complex carbs like potatoes and white rice. He was drinking whey protein shakes between meals. He gained about 22 lbs within 6 months by rigorous training and increasing calorie intake on a strict diet.

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Breakfast: Oatmeal, eggs and bacon
Lunch and Dinner: Chicken, steak or fish with green veg and brown rice
Snack: Fruits and Nuts
Supplements: Whey protein shakes and Fish oil

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