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John Abraham is a pescatarian, and it is very difficult to get protein sources in his diet. So we went strict on soya, sprouts and whey protein to recover his protein requirements. His diet consists of six meals a day. Each meal with
carbohydrates (to gain weight),  protein and a small amount of fiber.

Protein sources Veg — milk, curd, sprouts, different pulses, soya and whey protein supplement
Non-veg — fish, and egg whites

Carbohydrates-Potato, sweet potato, corn grains, jowar, bajra, nachni and wheat

Fiber- All salads, broccoli, papaya, musk melon, apple, orange, sweet lime — whole fruits not just juice, and green vegetables
Vinod Channa decodes Abraham’s workouts trainer

Daily meal routine
8 am- Black coffee/green tea, four eggwhites/1 potato (sweet potato/corn/wheat flakes/brown bread) / one apple
10:30 am- Whey protein or milk and water mixed in equal volumes
1pm- Chicken or fish boiled or grilled with roti or brown bread. Veg- sprouts, sabji, dal, curd, roti, and one carrot
4pm- Black coffee/green tea, four egg whites, mashed potato, apple, orange, sweet lime or papaya
7pm- Whey protein or milk and water mixed in equal volumes
10pm- Boiled fish, chicken or egg (bhurji / omelette) with roti or 2-3 whole wheat bread slices
Avoid Maida products, sweets, oily food and rice.

Monday workouts
Chest and Triceps: Warm up, Bench press — incline and decline both — 3 sets, 15 repetitions, to use maximum weight so that third repetition is automatically 12 reps only
Dbl fly: parallel bar/dips, bar two sets, 15 repetitions
Triceps push down: 3 sets, 15 repetitions, to use maximum weight so that third repetition is automatically 12 reps only
Triceps both hands dumbbell triceps and triceps kick back two set, 15 reps

Tuesday workouts
Back and abs: Bend over barbell row four sets, 15 reps
One hand DBL row two sets, 15 reps
Lat (for wings) pull down
2 sets, 15 repetitions
Shrugs (for collar muscles)
3 sets, 15 repetitions
Dead lift or back extension
3 sets, 15 repetitions
Abdominal workout
Crunches and leg raises
3 sets, 15 reps

Wednesday workouts
Cardio: Abdominal workout
Crunches and leg raises
3 sets, 15 reps
30 minutes of jogging

Thursday workouts
Legs: This is the main workout.
Squatting – 4 sets, 15 reps
Lunges 2 

John Abraham Diet Secrets Revealed

John is a pescatarian, which in a nutshell means that he's a vegetarian who also eats fish. Protein is very important in John's diet, which besides fish, includes oatmeal and eggs.

He believes that if you're going to eat meat, "stick to white meat if you have to." John believes that cholesterol levels are dangerously out of whack these days, which is why he limits himself to low-cholesterol food

John Abraham Training requires Mind Control

In order to live using the John Abraham training plan, there has to be a certain mentality behind it. Such is John Abraham's philosophy.

"Think clearly in your head," and "have a disciplined mind" are two of the things that John lives by.

He believes that you have to have a disciplined life style in order to be successful. This includes eating the right foods and doing the exercises necessary to build your body properly.

It's a simple, yet very effective plan for living that works quite well for John, and it can work well for others too.


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