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Tom Hardy workout and diet. Tom Hardy was born on 15 September 1977 is a British actor. Tom Hardy is best known for his role in Bronson. He appeared as the arch-villain Bane in his latest  film The Dark Knight Rises. Hardy put on some serious muscle, especially in his monster traps,  to play the role of emo brother Tommy Conlon in the film. He needed to add a huge 30lbs of muscle to increase his cardiovascular fitness to match that of an MMA fighter, while also getting far leaner than he was the last time he bulked up. He probably do 3-4 months of 7 day per week training. Let us look at his workout and diet.
Workout and Equipments

Tom Hardy Warrior

Tom Hardy trained when he woke up, at lunch, before dinner and before bedand took no more than  20 minutes per controlled session, focusing on form, using light weights and moving slowly. He some good compound exercises to include in a workout routine would be shoulder press, pullups, pushups, squats, deadlifts, and bent over row.

For his latest role in Warrior, Hardy plays an ex-soldier who returns home to become an MMA fighter. In preparation for this role, Hardy's workout routine included traditional weight training as well as martial arts training.

Tom Hardy body

To play a lethal and notorious prisoner Tom Hardy had to bulk a lot and really get the look of a true brawler. Not the shiny six pack abs you see in the movies, but the large build of a true street fighter. 

Tom Hardy workout
 His daily workout is as follows:

  • Press-Ups (Push-Ups)
  • Shoulder Flyes
  • Dips
  • The Bridge
  • Abdominal Workout  

Diet and Supplements 

Tom was eating 4000 calories a day to get the size on in the time he had. The majority of the calories came from chicken for protein and rice for his carbs. On top of this Tom says he ate junk food as well since he had to put the weight on any way possible. This is not generally recommended as a great way to get bigger, but he did what he needed to do. He uses protein shakes as well, specifically to help him build muscle mass for his roles in Bronson and Warrior.  

Tom Hardy style

Drink as much milk as you can. Get yourself some whole milk and drink glasses in between meals, as many as you can. Drink your calories whenever possible, it’s so much easier. Make shakes with ice-cream, milk, peanut butter. Eat pizza as often as you can. Just make sure you are always eating something or drinking Milk. 


  1. Hi Tom, I saw you in This Means War, & I thought, who is that incredibly hot man? I'll be sure to see your future movies in the theatre, my way of supporting you. :)