Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw Workout and Diet

Jake Gyllenhaal's phenomenal ''Southpaw'' workout transformed his physique into a championship boxer. He did 1,000 Situps, 100 Pullups a day for playing the role of fighter in the movie. Gyllenhaal worked like a championship boxer for six months to prepare for the role of a fighter, who battles his demons and destructive behavior to return to the peak of the sport. "I wanted Jake to learn how to box so he wouldn’t be out there on the set trying to act like a boxer," says his trainer and former professional boxer Terry Claybon. "He gained 15 pounds of muscle," Terry Claybon said.  He pushed Jake to the limit. Jake has also worked incredibly hard to get a muscular body after shedding 30 pounds for the crime thriller Nightcrawler. Let us look at Jake Gyllenhaal's Body Workout and diet plan for Southpaw.

Workout routine

"Strength wise it was very compound and body weight based. So, there were a lot of sit ups, dips, pull ups, walking lunges, shrugs, dead-lifts, crunches and squats," Jake said. 

"I did timed rounds of each of the following moves, which would gradually increase as I improved. I was sparring up to 8 round by the end of training. I would do six rounds of the heavy bag, 3-4 rounds of speed ball and 4-6 rounds of pads," Jake said.

  • Do 1,000 Sit-Ups
  • Running 8 Mile Run
  • 100 pullups, 100 dips
  • Boxing workout / Sparring rounds
  • Core Workout Routine
  • Boxing / Cardio
  • Weightlifting Workout 
  • 1,000 Sit-Ups (Before going to Bed)
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After 2 months, the workouts got pushed to 6 hours a day: 3 hours of boxing in the morning and 3 hours of strengthening, conditioning, and cardio at night. Among the physical feats, the actor would do 1,000 sit-ups in the morning and 1,000 at night. “Gradually we built up, day-by-day, to 2,000. It takes time to do that,” says Terry Claybon.

"That movie was full-on commitment. I hadn’t really boxed a lot in my life…I just knew that the bar was really high. I trained like a boxer. I trained 5 months straight," Jake said.

Diet plan

"My look really came from training in the ring and my diet. Nutritionally, it was 6-7 meals a day, eating every 3 hours or so. Often, it was to add fuel for my next session or to get my energy back up from the previous session," said Jake.

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  • His diet plan was 6-7 meals a day, eating every 3 hours.
  • Diet would consist of lots of eggs, chicken, fish, bananas, almonds, cacao beans, raisins, goji berries, rye bread, pasta, cous cous, potatoes.
  • It also consists of lots of steamed veg and salad: avocado, tomatoes, broccoli and other dark green leaves.
  • His Diet would not consists of Fried foods and everything was as natural as possible.
  • He would drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.
  • Supplements includes vitamin D3, vitamin C and protein shakes

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