Sean Faris Workout routine and Diet plan

Sean Faris Workout routine and Diet planSean Faris Workout and diet for Never Back down. Sean Faris is an American actor best known for Never Back Down, Yours, Mine & Ours, Freerunner, The Vampire Diaries, Forever Strong. Sean Faris had trained rock hard in order to get ripped for the fight scenes in the movie Never Back Down. He would practice fighting for up to 6 hours per day. That is enough in order to get a kick ass physique. Each morning he would do jujitsu, punch the heavy bag and kick pads so his moves look effective on screen. Let us look at Sean Faris Workout and Diet for getting back in shape.

"I see so many people in the gym just slinging weight around. You can accomplish more if you squeeze the reps out in perfect form, instead of going big and trying to kill it every time," Sean Faris says.

Sean Faris Height:6 ft or 183 cm Weight: 160 pounds or 72 kg

Sean Faris Diet Plan

"I hate junk food. It depresses me," Sean says. This statement shows that Sean is very strict about his diet.
  • He prefers Home cooked food
  • He chooses vegetables and lean meats from his grill 
  • Faris opt to Processed food and tries to eat clean as much as possible
  • He also includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats in his diet
  • He include cheat day once a week and increases the volume of next day workout after cheat day

Sean Faris Workout routine
"Anybody can be fit. But you have to be patient. Give your body some time to adjust," Sean says. 
  • Each morning he would do jujitsu, punch the heavy bag and kick pads so his moves look strong on screen. 
  • In the evening Sean would do barbell exercises: the squat, the dead-lift, dumbbell raises and the military press to work up his shoulders

  • Jumping rope is a great way to lose fat. But his ankles were injured from excessive rope skipping. He had to do this in order to be in fighting shape.
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  • Faris prefers the basic free weights without using a belt because his trainer made sure he used no weight belt.
  • He will often perform a giant set where he will do 50-60 reps of an exercise. He aims to do as many reps as he can with perfect form until he tires out, rests for a few seconds, then repeats until he reaches his rep target. 

  • But he also goes a step further and takes his workouts outside the gym. Every time you learn a new sport or skill, you make your body more changeable and widen the scope of physical feats you can achieve.

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