Alexander Skarsgard Fitness Workout & Diet

Alexander Skarsgard Workout routine and Diet plan. Alexander Skarsgard is a Swedish actor best known for HBO series True Blood, Generation Kill, Battleship and Melancholia. He recently lost weight for the drama hidden, also opened up about his military background. "I'm not interested in parts where they are looking for a good-looking guy. I want to be a weird little sidekick in a crazy comedy and then play like a dark drama or a thriller," Alexander says. Let us look at Alexander Skarsgard Body Fitness Workout routine.

Height: 6 ft 4½ inches or 194 cm
Weight: 89 kg or 196 pounds
Chest: 44 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Biceps: 14 inches

Exercise routine

"We do have to be fit. There's a lot of running around, but I don't go to the gym 6 days a week or do any weird diets or anything like that," Alexander says.

He mainly lifts weights, often heading to the gym during long breaks in filming. Joe Manganiello, his co-star does heavy workout but Skarsgard prefers a more relaxed approach to fitness.

Alex likes Swedish football and supports Hammarby IF, a football club based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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Eating routine

Alexander takes high calorie, high protein diet for bulking up. He doesn't follow any special diet. Moose Stew is Alexander's favourite dish.

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