Priyanka Chopra workouts and diet secrets

 Priyanka Chopra workouts and diet secrets

What you need to know:

Priyanka Chopra workouts routines
Priyanka Chopra fitness secrets
Priyanka Chopra diet and workouts
Priyanka Chopra workouts and diet secrets. Priyanka chopra is a famous actress and former miss world. She is not a gym freak  but she work out daily and take balanced diet to maintain her fitness. She doesnt have any fixed diet plan and she loves to eat food made at home. She always stay away from oily food. Her daily diet consist of regular Indian food. She is quite famous in bollywood becouse of her fitness and good looks. Every girl wants to have body like her.

Workouts and Equipments

Priyanka go to the gym four times a week just to tone her body. I am lucky I do not have a tendency to put on weight She said. Her workouts includes the Following:
  • Treadmill (15 mins) for warm up 

  • 25 reverse lunges

  • maximum possible push ups 

  • 25 reverse crunches 

  • 25 bicep curls at 8-10 pounds
  • 25 bench jumps 

  • 60-sec plank hold 

  • power walk (60-70 minutes)

Dieting and supplements

I love eating ghar ka khana and am non-fussy about food. So no diet plans for me at all. What I do try and avoid is oily food. I don't have that in excess. 
  • My daily diet consists of regular food like chapati, vegetables, soups, salads, rice, dal and lots of fruits. 
  • Also juices and water are very high on my intake list. In fact, water is a must for everyone, atleast 10 glasses a day. 
  • I often overshoot that, but it does wonders to your skin. But I often indulge my tastebuds over weekends and they are reserved for binging on chocolates, cakes and tandooris. 

Priyanka's Favourite Dishes
  • Chicken or Mutton Biryani
  • Curd Rice With South Indian Fish Curry
  • Makkai Ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag.
  • I love all kinds of Stuffed Parathas with White Butter. That is what I have for breakfast.


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