Imran Khan workouts and diet secrets

 Imran Khan workouts and diet secrets

What you need to know:-
Imran Khan fitness secrets
and Dieting plans 

Imran Khan workouts and diet. Imran Khan enters bollywood industry with super hit movie  “jaane tu ya jaane na”, also enters in the heart of many girls and became a dream boy of many girls.After SRK in Om Shanti Om, and Aamir Khan in Ghajini, this bare-chested Khan is sending temperatures soaring with his new lean body. Imran presently has just 7% body fat the same as top international athletes.

Diet and Supplements  

Early, generally around 7:30 am. I begin my day with cold milk with some chocolate in it. 
  • Breakfast:It's generally omlette.
  •  Lunch:Dal, chawal, vegetables and chicken. When I go to a shoot I carry my lunch. A must-have for lunch is chicken; I need the proteins because I tend to lose weight very quickly.
  • Dinner:Varies because I have no idea when I'll return from the shoot. My dinner is the same as my lunch. 

Workouts and Equipments

Currently because I am doing an action film I work out. Aamir (Khan) has his own gym and I go there around five-six times a week for about two hours.

Check out this video for his fitness secrets:-


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