Miranda Kerr workout and diet secret

 Miranda Kerr workout and diet

What you need to know

Miranda Kerr workout routine and diet plan

Miranda Kerr fitness secret and  workout

Miranda Kerr workout and diet. Miranda was born on 20 April 1983 is an Australian model. She is one of the most appreciated and best earning models of the moment. She is the famous and most charming model of Victoria's Secret. She is having a very tone and desirable body. Her toned body is a result of her long hours at gym and She is very careful for her diet. She is 5' 9" in height and her weight is about 135 pounds. She is dedicated to her fitness routine and diet created by her trainer Justin Gelband. Let us See her workout.

Workout and Equipments

She workout for 4-5 days in gym for about 75 minutes. Her workouts are a mixture of Yoga, Cardio Exercises, Boxing and running. Kerr does 30 minutes on her legs, 30 on her core, arms and balance, and 15 minutes on stretching 

afterwards.She also likes to go to trademill for running.  Take a look at her exercise routine.

  • Exercise 1: Lunges-each leg x 15 repetitions

  • Exercise 2: Jumping Jacks x 50 repetitions

  • Exercise 3: Push Ups x 12 repetitions

  • Exercise 4: Hip Extensions x 20 repetitions

  • Exercise 5: Burpees X 10 repetitions

  • Exercise 6: Squat jumps x 12 repetitions

  • Exercise 7: Plank x 30 seconds

  • Exercise 8: High Knees x 30 repetitions

Diet and Nutrition 

Miranda's Diet Plan plays an important role in keeping herself fit and fine. She is very conscious about her health and thats why she always pay attention to her diet.  She says Chocolates She can't resist. Take a look at her diet.

  • Yoghurt, fresh fruit salad and muesli.
  • 2 rye toast with boiled eggs.
  • Cup of green tea or water with lemon and ginger.


  • Crisped breads with tuna salad
  • Lime water
  • Dandelion Tea


  • Potato and pumpkin.
  • Fish or Salmon steak
  • Green tea with ginger.

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