Andrew Garfield workout and diet Secret

 Andrew Garfield workout and diet Secret

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Andrew Garfield fitness Secret 
Andrew Garfield workout workout routine
Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man workout and diet

Andrew Garfield workout and diet. Andrew Russell Garfield ( Andrew Garfield ) was born on 20 August 1983  in Los Angeles. s currently best known as for his role as Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network. Eduardo Saverin is the Brazilian-American that helped Mark Zuckerberg develop Facebook. He played Peter Parker  in the 2012 superhero film The Amazing Spider-Man. Recently Andrew Garfield was photographed in his Spider man costume, and he seems to be getting himself in shape for a physical role.So here’s a workout based on the goals of
Garfield’s training: strength, power, and size.The physique required for the role isn't the bodybuilder type. Functional lean and long muscles are key to slip into the skin tight costume.

Workout and Equipments

Andrew Garfield has also quit smoking so that he can train harder. His fitness training actually started with a daily Pilates workout to improve his strength and flexibility to ensure that the more vigorous training ahead does not lead to injury. Plan on dedicating 5 days a week to this workout plan, and at least 45 minutes per workout. Start each workout with 20 minutes of cardio to work on your endurance and get your muscles warmed up. On strength training days, aim for 3-4 sets of each workout at 10-12 reps.

1. Monday:
  • Dumbbell Chest Press
  • Standing Dumbbell Bicep Curls
  • Pec Flye with Dumbbells
  • Cable Lat Pulldown
  • Lateral Dumbbell Shoulder Raise
  • Tricep Dips on Bench
2. Tuesday: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
3. Wednesday:
  • Machine Leg Press
  • Machine Leg Extension
  • Machine Leg Curl
  • Lunges with Dumbbells
  • Standing Calf Raises with Dumbbells

4. Friday:
  • Lunge Ab Twist
  • Back Extension on Stability Ball
  • Ab Crunch with Toe Touch
  • Ab Crunches on Stability Ball
  • Ab Crunches with Legs on Stability Ball
5. Saturday: If you can fit in a fifth day, aim for doing a second round of HIIT training. This will really improve your strength, endurance, and power.

Dieting and Supplements 


His diet for Spider-man was the opposite of his sushi diet, as he had to pack on the pounds of lean muscle for this new movie. Rather than focusing on eating foods that would help him gain weight, his diet focused on eating foods that would feed his muscles and help them to grow. Rather than growing large muscles, his muscles grew in long and lean thanks to the exercise and diet programs he followed.

Source of protein:-
  • Beef - 3 oz - 21 grams
  • Cheese - 3 oz - 21 grams
  • Chicken - 3 oz - 21 grams
  • Eggs - 2 large - 13 grams
  • Fish - 3 oz - 21 grams
  • Milk - 8 oz - 8 grams
  • Peanut butter - 2 tbsp - 8 grams
  • Tofu - 3 oz - 15 grams
  • Turkey - 3 oz - 21 grams
  • Yogurt - 8 oz - 8 grams
  • Whey protein supplement for lean muscle growth.
  • Glutamine for preserving muscle mass while dieting.
  • Pre-workout supplement to boost energy and burn fat.

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