Selena Gomez workout and diet secret

 Selena Gomez workout and diet secret

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Selena Gomez fitness secret

Selena Gomez workout routine and diet

Selena Gomez workout and diet. Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992. She is Hollwood Actress and Singer, well known for her acting in Walt Disney Series.Her  measuring in at 5’5″ tall and with a figure measurement of 34-26-36 and her weight is around 53kg.Her acting career started when she was 7, and Selena was discovered by Disney channel in 2004. Her singing career started around 2008,
for the album Disney Mania 2006.She was also once hospitalized due to her low attentions about her diet. Now she is paying a full attention toward hr diet quality and workout routine. Lets check out workout and diet routines.

Workout and Equipment 

Selena Gomez does not required hard workout or complicated exercises, because she is already very slim and fit. She do very light exercises for her flexible and healthy body but she follow a very healthy and strict Diet Plan. She infact does workout a little, but mostly cardio workouts consume her time in the gym. She performs cardio to increase her stamina and strength. Selena prefers to keep her exercise to running, cycling and the cross trainer workouts, not to forget her dance workouts and aerobics. 

Selena is a fit healthy youngster who has a hectic lifestyle with lots of travel, interviews and meetings. All these burn a lot of calories. Selena Gomez is in great shape primarily because she never forgets to stick to her diet plan and does cardio regularly.

Diet and Supplements

As mentioned earlier she to her diet plan and follow a healthy and strict diet plan. She mostly eat the food which is cooked by her mother. 

  • Breakfast -  Two eggs white only, slice of brown bread, glass of juice & sometimes omelet with mushrooms, onions, cheese etc. She consumes only 250 calories in her breakfast.

  • Lunch –  Meat like Turkey for protein & simple food made at home by her mother, when she is out for shooting she eat pasta, pizza and orange juice for energy.   She consumes 350 calories in lunch.

  • Dinner –  She like to eat Italian food in dinner so that she can stay away from fat. She consumes about 850 calories in Dinner.


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  2. i want to be as skinny as Selena Gomez but i would want to know what exercises she does ?

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