Colin Farrell Workout and Diet Secret

 Colin Farrell Workout and Diet Secret

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Colin Farrell fitness secret
Colin Farrell Workout routine and diet

Colin Farrell Workout and Diet. Colin James Farrell was born on 31 May 1976 in Dublin  (Ireland).Colin Farrell isn’t fond of the gym or doing diet and exercises.He is famous for his bad boy aura and sexy movie roles.He is well-known for his role in Alexander, Tigerland, SWAT, Phone Booth and Miami Vice in Bruges. On top of that, he drinks, smokes and parties hard.Because of Colin's lack of interest in gym, his fitness instructor a kind of personalized Colin Farrell workout that the actor could use wherever he goes.

Workout and Equipments 

Colin didn't like to go to gym So his fitness instructor a kind of personalized workout that the actor could use wherever he goes. During the first 2 weeks, Farrell was required to run 3-5 miles every other day.In between those running days, he spends time doing pushups, arm curls and squats. Since Colin Farrell don’t really attend gym sessions, he used water jugs and rocks to add resistance.There was no going to the gym, and no weight lifting unless his role requires it.

He takes interest in doing military drills for 45 minutes under the Moroccan sun . His workout composed mainly of bends, pushups, side steps and of course more and more running. He has paid more attention to his aerobic ability through boxing-type bag work and constant running. 

Diet and Equipments 

Colin Farrell doesn’t diet. Farrell said he lived on black coffee, Diet Coke and two tins of tuna a day to perfect a skeletal look on the set of new movie “Triage.”The coffee and pop were to get the energy to act in the movie. It takes a lot of discipline to do his type of diet for a few days, let alone do it for months. For a short space of time, it was grand. It was just calorie counting wasn’t a particularly healthy way of doing it.The secret of putting the weight back on I just ate like a pig.


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