Sonu Sood Workout and Diet Secret

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Sonu Sood Work out routine and Diet plan
Sonu Sood Body Fitness Secret exercise and nutrition

Sonu Sood was born on 30 July 1973 is an Indian film actor.He is best known for Dabangg, Jodhaa Akbar, Shootout at Wadala and his latest  R...Rajkumar with Shahid Kapoor will be releasing in 2013. Sonu is a fitness freak, he never misses his gym routine and follow a strict diet for being in best shape. Sonu says, " There is no shortcut to fitness, and one needs to maintain a strict regime to have a good body." Let us look at his fitness training.


Height: 6ft 1/2 inches or 184cm

Weight: 80 kg

Exercise routine

I go to gym every day and work out for almost 2 hours and jog for around 40 minutes. I go to gym early in morning at 7.30am/8am and do 20 minutes of cardio. After that I do some stretches to cool down. I like to concentrate on two body parts a day along with my abs, which I work on for 15-20 minutes. Also, every couple of months I practice kick-boxing for about 15-20 days.

I work with light weights and just increase the number of sets. Heavy weights are not good as they don't add muscles, as is generally believed. When you work with heavy weights, missing training for a few days makes the muscles flaccid.

Eating routine
Sonu is a vegetarian but eat eggs and don't smoke or drink. His diet includes lots of proteins like lentils, grains and legumes. He drink 2 protein shakes a day and avoid junk food.

  • Early Morning: Fruits/Muesli/wheat flakes and juice
  • Breakfast: Omelet made from 8 egg whites
  • Lunch: Roti, dal, curd and veggies
  • Dinner: Soup, salads, vegetables and rotis 
  • Snack: Brown-bread sandwiches
  • After Work out: Protein shake and salads and sprouts 


  1. Sonu Sood is a very good actor. I love to watch all his movies. He possess a perfect body.

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