Zac Efron Workout and Diet Secret

 Zac Efron Workout and Diet 

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Zac Efron Workout routine and Diet plan 
Zac Efron Workout The lucky One and Charlie St. Cloud
Zac Efron fitness Secret training

Zac Efron Workout and Diet. Zac Efron was born on October 18, 1987 is an American actor and singer. He is known for his roles in 17 Again, Me and Orson Welles, Charlie St. Cloud, New Year's Eve, The Lucky One. He has suddenly transitioned from a teenage heart-throb to a ripped and toned young man. His recent role as a Marine in The Lucky One has his muscles pretty ripped and toned. Zac's height is about 5'10" and weight is 68 kg(150lbs). He is skinny naturally also he is a Hard Gainer. An advantage of being young, Efron gained a certain amount of lean muscle fairly quickly and easily. Let us look at his
fitness training.

Workout and Fitness Equipments

Zac Efron's workout includes a combination of regular cardio workouts to burn fat, body weight exercises and some good old fashioned weight training to build up the size of the muscles.

Monday: Chest & Back
  • 3×8 reps – Barbell/DB flat bench press
  • 3×8 reps – Incline DB Press
  • 3×8 reps – Weighted Dips
  • 3×8 reps – Dumbbell Squeeze Press

Tuesday: Back
  • 3xfailure – Wide Grip Pull ups
  • 3×8 reps – Bent-over Barbell Row
  • 3×8-10 reps – Narrow Grip Lat Pull down
  • 3×8 reps – Seated Cable Row
  • 3×failure – Chin ups

Wednesday: Biceps

  • 3x8 reps Standing Barbell Curl
  • 3x8 reps Lying Bicep Curl Facing Bench
  • 3x8 reps Cross Body Hammer Curl
  • 3x8 reps Cable Bicep Curl
  • 3x8 reps Concentration Curl

Thursday: Shoulders
  • 3×8 Barbell Military Press
  • 3×8 Seated/Standing DB Overhead Press
  • 3×12 Side Lateral Raises
  • 3×12 Front Lateral Raise
  • 3×12 Rear Deltoids Cable Flyes

Friday: Legs
  • 3×8 Dead lift
  • 3×8 Squat
  • 3×12 Calf raise
  • 3×15 Split Jumps

Saturday: Cardio & Core
  • 5 minute warm-up on treadmill
  • 20 minute interval training on treadmill
  • 3×10 crunches on stability Ball
  • 3×20seconds Plank
  • 3×12 Ab roll-out with stability ball
  • 3×12 Stability ball pull-in

Sunday: Rest

Diet and Nutrition 

Efron's Diet plays an important role for him in bulking weight. You have to be eating more calories than you’re burning on a consistent basis. He was eating 3,500 calories, and 6 to 8 meals per day. For getting protein in the morning he was eating shake and an eight-egg omelet for the breakfast. Always maintain protein intake at around 120 grams at minimum everyday. Skipping out on meals is not recommended when muscle growth is the objective. He has to lift heavy and hard, eat a ton, and rest, in order to build some serious muscle. It is also important to avoid all junk food, processed food and other foods with additional sugar and fat. Takeaways, candy, sodas and pizza are all off the diet Instead, food should be as close to its natural state as possible and cooked without additional fat.


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