Jacqueline Fernandez Workout and Diet Secret

 Jacqueline Fernandez Workout and Diet 

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Jacqueline Fernandez Workout routine and Diet  
Jacqueline Fernandez fitness Secret 
Jacqueline Fernandez Workout Race 2 and Krrish 3

Jacqueline Fernandez Workout and Diet. Jacqueline Fernandez was on born 2 June 1985 is a  Bollywood actress. She is a former model and beauty queen who won Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006. She is most popular for her roles in Murder 2, Housefull 2 and her upcoming movies are Race 2 and Krrish 3. She is 5′ 7″ in height and having weight about 51 kg. She has hit the gym with a vengeance and is following a rigorous diet and exercise regime to get into shape for her role in “Race 2″. She said that, it also acts as a huge stress buster for me, helping me achieve that fine balance between my personal and professional life. For Race 2 She had worked hard in gym to get in shape. She uses best fitness machines for training exercises. Let us look at her fitness training.

Workout and Fitness Equipment

Jacqueline wanted to be in the best shape possible for ‘Race 2′ as she wanted to do her stunts herself without a stunt or body double. Her training focuses reducing her body fat and build lean muscle while increasing strength. She  believed that the best way to lose weight is to sweat right, is that the gym or jogging, or doing whatever you want. The most important thing is to get your heart into what you’re doing. Dedication is the most important factor, no matter what your fitness regimen. 

She a whole body workout for her including meditative postures, kriyas, pranayam and asanas with which she is able to maintain a happy weight and look good. She loves to do Surya Namaskar in the morning also she is a big fan of Bikram Yoga. For Race 2 She undergoes intense workouts and stunt training that follows 90 minutes of dance training. Her intense gym training includes weights along with steady state cardio and interval training exercises.

Diet and Nutrition 

Jacqueline's diet contains many of grilled fish, steamed vegetables, fruits, nuts for snacks. I only eats carbohydrates and avoid sugar completely, sticky green tea instead of coffee or tea. She eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids provide the essential nutrients for the hair.

  • Breakfast: Fresh Fruits and Egg whites boiled or scrambled. 

  • Lunch: Vegan with salads, brown rice and lentils.

  • Dinner: Fish and grilled veggies.


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