Halle Berry Workout and Diet Secret

Halle Berry Workout and Diet 

Halle Berry

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Halle Berry Workout routine and Diet Plan
Halle Berry fitness Secret training exercise
Halle Berry Workout catwoman shape

Halle Berry workout and diet. Halle Berry was born on August 14, 1966 is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in The Flintstones, Bulworth, X-Men, Die Another Day and Cloud Atlas. She also won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress for her role in Catwoman. She with the help form her trainer Harley Pasternak used the 5 factor fitness plan to get into Catwoman like shape. She follows the 3-2-1 Health and Fitness Training Method, which add in of cardio workout, exercises, and core work. Halle is 5′ 6″ in height and having weight about 52 kg (115 lbs). Her measurements are 36-26-37. Let us look at her fitness

Workout and Fitness Equipments

Halle's workout routine doesn't require calculations, exhausting exercising or starving. Due to its simplicity it can be included in your daily routine.

Exercise 1:
  • 10 reps Push ups on bosu ball
  • 10 reps (each side) Lunge and bicep curls
  • 10 reps (each side) step ups with dumbbells
  • 12 leg curls with stability ball

 Exercise 2:
  • 12 reps Squats with dumbbells
  • 16 bicycle crunches on bosu ball
  • 3 minutes jumping rope
  • 30 seconds (each side) side planks

Exercise 3:
  • 12 reps Seated cable row
  • 10 reps (each side) barbell side lunges
  • 10 reps (each side) wood choppers
  • 12 reps Stability ball back extensions 

Do the above exercises one after another and then rest for 60 seconds and repeat 3 times.

 Diet and Nutrition

She follows 5 factor diet plan. The five factor diet avoids count on calories, carbs, food measuring and painful workouts. The five point diet comprises of eating 5 snacks per day with a 25 minute workout once a week. 

  • A 5 Week Losing Body Fat Plan
  • 5 Meals a Day
  • 5 Ingredient Meals
  • 25 Minute Healthy Workout Routine
  • 5 Cheat Days in 5 Weeks


  1. She's not that hot...better looking than the average tubby black woman, but she's no Victoria's Secret model either. Never blown me away, but wanted to read about her diabetic diet.

  2. better looking then anything you could ever hope to pull in real life

  3. better looking than anything you can ever pull in real life