Christina Hendricks Workout and Diet Secret

 Christina Hendricks Workout and Diet

Christina Hendricks

What you need to know

Christina Hendricks Workout routine and Diet plan
Christina Hendricks fitness Secret training

Christina Hendricks Workout and Diet. Christina Hendricks was born on May 3, 1975 is an American actress. She is most popular for her role in Mad Man Esquire magazine named her "the sexiest woman in the world." She appeared in movies some of them are Detachment, Drive, I Don't Know How She Does It, Struck By Lightning, Ginger & Rosa, From Up on Poppy Hill. In Mad Man She plays office manager Joan Harris, is reminding men and women across America that a voluptuous body is beautiful. Christina is 5'8" in height and having weight about 154 pounds. Her measurements are 38-30-39. Let us look at her  fitness training.

Workout and Fitness Equipment

She does sit-ups and push-ups in her trailer if she has a down moment. And she and her husband of two years, actor Geoffrey Arend, schedule regular workouts together with a trainer. she uses the treadmill, does weight training, and uses a BOSU ball.She do exercises three times a week with a trainer and her fiancee.

 "It's amazing how quick an hour can go by when you work out with someone you love," she said. Their typical workout includes well-rounded cardio and strength development.Although Christina has a healthy body image, she did not always understand the fuss over her appearance.  

Diet and Nutrition

She and her husband make soups to keep in the fridge for snacking, and she allows room for trying new foods and cooking techniques. "My husband got a deep fryer for his birthday, so we experimented with that, but I'm not a big fan of fried food," she says. "Our new thing is we've gotten a smoker, and he's making his own bacon." 

She eats Home made food like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and quiche. She also enjoys seasonal cooking and eats for energy.  She says she eats healthily because “I feel like I need more energy, so I’m trying to stay away from tons of carbs and eat more protein.”

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