Ranbir Kapoor Workout and Diet





These days Ranbir Kapoor is having very tight schedule because of doing 2 movies on the same time, but still he goes to gym and exercise regularly for his good physique. Ranbir Kapoor has personal

trainer Pradeep Bhatia to thank for his physique. Bhatia has been training RK for three years now and was introduced to the star by his mom, Neetu Singh

whom he trained for a while. “I am a complete non-vegetarian. There is a singular lack of vegetables in my diet, so my mom (she’s the policeman in the house) makes vegetable juice for me in the morning. It contains all the possible vegetables, so I get my intake,” jokes R K. His diet plan goes out of control when he visits his 
daadi, Krishna Kapoor’s home in Chembur, where he goes completely out of control…… same is with me when I go to my nanni’s place. On Sunday, Ranbir and family usually goes out for family lunches or goes to grand mom’s house where he is served payajungli mutton or mutton pulav and other irresistible stuff. His favourite cook in the whole family is his daadi.

Workout Schedule

He explains the reasons for his employment. "Ranbir has no time to visit a gym regularly due to his erratic shooting hours. He was looking for a personal trainer who can be with him on a full time basis." Pradeep travels to all the actor's shoots and makes sure he doesn't miss his workouts and eats right.
Ranbir kapoor goes to sanjay dutts’s gym five days a week for  around 1 hour  to an hour and 30 minutes a day. Pardeep tells us a little about ranbir’s workout.”Ranbir is not fond of swimming and yoga, he does hardcore gymming. He likes working on his chest and back but cringes when he has to work on his legs as he finds it painful. Ranbir mostly listen to music while working out". He runs a lot and loves to play football regularly. He is regular with gym four times a week and does a lot of weights and cardio every time. He has protein shake both before and after workouts.


Pradeep calls Ranbir "a foodie" but with "less appetite". He keeps a close watch on Ranbir's diet and has given him the following diet chart.

  • BREAKFAST: Milk with cornflakes and a banana/Egg white omelette and brown bread toast with a glass of fresh juice. Black/espresso coffee.
  • LUNCH: Tandoori chicken with daal and two chapaatis.
  • DINNER: Grilled salmon, fish, and chicken.
  • ON THE SETS: Fruits and juices, green tea and Darjeeling tea.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Multivitamin and whey protein shakes twice a day — after workouts and after dinner.
  • WEAKNESSES: A weakness for a soft drink he endorses. A slice of cake, every now and then.

He drinks a lot of water throughout the day.
And he has some other weaknesses other than grand mom’s food like all of us  have and hare is what he said “ I can’t resist buying salami and cream cheese. I am a big salami fan. My mom says red meat is bad but I just can’t resist it. Serve it to me any day and I will blindly eat it.” his other favorite Cuisines are Italian and Chinese.


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  2. Since long I been keenly desirable to know about d secrets of ranbeer's great physique..but finally I got to know what are all the real secrets of his attractive cum perfect physique

  3. I'm a big fan of R.K. And i want to be like R.K. & from today i will also eat whatever ranbeer eat