Indian actress Kareena Kapoor has drawn attention with her physique and

weight loss. She decided to go on a diet and exercise regimen when she was filming for her role in Tashan. She was required to do stunts in this movie on top of looking trim, so health and fitness became focal points for her. She lost a reported 20 lbs. with this program.
Kareena Kapoor is known for her size zero figure (in Tashan movie), Kareenablended her diet and workout to make it happen. Kareena worked very hard to get this size zero figure.

Rumors that Kareena went on a crash diet or did surgeries to remove fat were absolutely wrong. Kareena Kapoor followed a healthy diet and workout program to lose her weight.


She takes part in hot yoga classes, technically named Bikram Yoga, as the bulk of the exercise routine. Hot yoga is performing regular yoga routines in a room that is near 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 percent humidity to allow muscles to stretch and warm easily. Also perform basic cardiovascular exercises such as running or biking. Alternate between the two every other day so that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you do hot yoga, then every Tuesday and Thursday can be a cardio day. Attempt exercise bouts lasting 45 minutes per session. Obedience and consistency are important in maintaining the workout regimen.

While exercising and sweating, make sure you are replenishing your electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and magnesium.

The schedule Of Yoga For Kareena Kapoor


The yoga schedule, that was one or one and a half hours long, consisted of
  • Warm up
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Yoga focused on exercising/strengthening any two parts of the body including
  • Naukasana for abs
  • Bhujangasana for back
  • Parvatsana for arms
  • Virabhadra for legs

Cool down consisting of Pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation. Kareena, it is said, performed about 500 kapalbhatis every day. Kapalbhati is a weight loss focused breathing exercise

Some believe that Kareena practiced Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga. This exercise was designed by Bikram Choudary in the seventies. It is performed in a room that has 40% humidity and is raised to 105 degrees F. The one and a half hour session includes a couple of breathing routines and 26 different yoga postures.

It is encouraging to see that you can attain an ideal weight, remain healthy and look gorgeous all at the same time, with the right kind of planning going into what you eat and how you work out.

  • Daily Diet: Breakfast options include upma, poha, parantha (without oil) and milk and muesli. In the afternoon, she snacks on a brown bread sandwich. Lunch is roti, sabji and dal (without oil). An evening snack is either upma or idli. Dinner is again roti, sabji, dal or soup.

  •  BREAKFAST DIET : Kareena starts her day with fruits and milk and she avoids tea or coffee. Her breakfast consists of muesli and bread slices orparanthas with milk. She takes soya milk to keep her body energized.

  •  LUNCH DIET : Kareena‘s lunch consists of chapatis and dal. Kareena loves cheese, so although she skips the fatty food but she takes a cheese slice with bread or parantha every day.

  •  DINNER DIET : Kareena‘s dinner consists of chapatis and dal and soup plus green vegetables and salad. She manages her diet meal with the work she has done in a whole day.


  1. Sarah says

    She really did work hard to get zero size and now she doing work out in routine which is inspire me and I also want to lose my weight. I really like your tips and your blog. I will follow your tips regularly to lose my weight.

    bloggerkk says

    Nice post, How beautiful she is Kareena Kapoor

    jayyyy says

    its so hard how did you manage this man im so confused i need to loose a lot o weight aswell hopefully it will work if i follow these stuff

    Rockerzz says
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    Subodh Gupta Fitness Trainer says

    Good to know that atleast Indian celebrities tries to maintain their health and looking good with the help of exercise and natural ways instead of plastic surgeries which is common in Hollywood.

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