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Salman Khan's workouts and diet tells that work keeps Salman Khan busy most of the times. Thus, at times he starts his workout as late as 2 am. “Salman works out for at least two hours continuously. His workout includes one hour of cardio, concentrating on any two body parts each time- triceps, legs, back and biceps” says D’souza.

While weights have gained for Salman the contours the camera captures so vividly, his cardiovascular routine is punishing too. 
When the mood overtakes Salman , he goes cycling three hours to panvel," explains Advilkar." personally, I would find that a real challenge too."

"He does unbelievable stuff like 1,000 push-ups a day or 2,000 sit-ups a day"

Advilkar, who is a fitness trainer and has trained Salman for over 6 years

"Salman works out for at least two hours continuously. His workout includes one hour of cardio- concentrating on any two body parts each time- triceps, legs, back and biceps" says D'souza

He has got perfect abs and works a lot to keep them in shape. "He does five hundred crunches, pull-ups and chin-ups" adds D'Souza.

As you can see, His workout is definitely not for you if you are a begginner, his strength and stamina are beyond normal, this is what is called 'old fashioned body building' very effective and amazing for building strength.

But if you workout regularly and try to aim for high figures like 1000 pushups and 2000 situps over a period of 2-3 years, it should be easy and very doable.

This is the more interesting factor: What kind of a diet is required to get a body like Salman's?

One thing's for certain, Salman doesn't touch junkfood ever. His food is purely natural like meats, vegetables and fruits. In an interview, Salman says the last thing he would do is feed his body unhealthy food and synthesized food


For workouts:
  • Cycling – Whenever I get time I cycle for 3 hours.
  • Push-ups and Sit-ups 
  • he workouts for 2 hours continuously, one hour of cardio  and rest of the time work on two body parts at a time. Either triceps, biceps, legs, back or chest.
  • He lifts weights, does a heavy weight training regime
  • Does a heavy bodyweight training regime, comprising of 1000 pushups
  • Does a heavy cardio routine.

For Diet:

Eats Clean souces of protein: Chicken, Egg Whites and Fish

Completely avoids sugar and processed food

Salads and pulses are his sources of carbohydrates

All in all, it is an old fashioned style of working out with an emphasis on eating well.

  • In the Lunch, Salman eats Dal, Green Veggies, 3-6 Rotis.
  • In the Evening snacks, he takes some Nuts & Protein Shake.
  • In the Dinner, he eats 200gm Grilled Fish/Chicken, Veg Soup, 2 Egg Whitesand Protein Shake before going to bed.


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