Jake Gyllenhaal workout and diet secret

 Jake Gyllenhaal workout and diet

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Jake Gyllenhaal workout routine and diet 
Jake Gyllenhaal fitness secret Prince of Persia

Jake Gyllenhaal workout and diet. Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) was  born December 19, 1980 is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in Zodiac, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Love and Other Drugs, Source Code, and End of Watch. He is 6' 0'' in height and having weight about 76 kg ( 167 lbs ). Jake turned himself into hulking, muscular action hero for Prince of Persia. He trained hard by following a disciplined workout routine and focusing on a strict diet plan. The ultimate goal with Jake’s training was to provide a functional, strong and agile physique which would enable him to carry out the huge workload and stresses. Let us look at his workout plan.

Workout and Equipments

Jake Gyllenhaal workout transformed his light frame into a muscular body with a strict routine that included cardio, resistance training, and a calorie-restricted diet. He trained for 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week, alternating cardio with strength and conditioning.

  • Interval training circuit
  • 10-minute uphill sprint.
  • Run or jog down the hill. Repeat sequence five times.
  • A 10-minute run.
  • Stretching exercises.

Resistance Training:
  • Cable exercises
  • Pull-ups
  • Press-ups
  • Weighted ab exercises
  • Stretching
Diet and Nutrition 

Jake's diet plays an important role for achieving a lean and muscular kind of physique.

  • Breakfast: An egg-white omelet, a small protein shake and an isotonic drink to replenish salts lost during training.

  • Lunch: Baked potato with tuna and salad.

  • Dinner: Soup and a protein shake.

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