Deepika Padukone Workouts and Dieting Secrets

 Deepika Padukone Workouts and Dieting Secrets

What you need to know
Deepika  Padukone's workouts routines
Deepika  Padukone's fitnesss secrets
Deepika  Padukone's dieting routines

Deepika  Padukone's workouts and diet says that she believes that regular exercise, yoga, healthy eating and positive thinking is what makes his way away.

“I think the body type of the whole world is different and reacts differently to different work outs. It is important that you understand what suits your body and exercise accordingly,” she said.

“I do a lot of yoga. While eating everything, but at the same time I know that there are certain types of food I put on weight, so I try to avoid them. I think healthy eating, regular exercise and thought aa positive can help anyone look better, “she added.

Unlike other Bollywood actresses, 24 years old, does not believe in size zero to be.

“I do not think is healthy for the size zero. The body of India is not cut to size zero. It is always pleasant to look healthy,” Deepika said.

Her daily workouts includes the following:-
  • Gymming
  • Yoga
  • Daily walks
  • Dance
  • Get up early, run and play   

Dieting Routines

Deepika Padukone is a diehard foodie and loves to binge on Thai food and chocolate desserts. She does not believe in starvations and confessedly, “lives to eat”. But then just as she enjoys the pleasure of being a gourmet, so does she make it a  point to not miss her workout sessions either! “Only diet or only exercise won’t help in overall body weight loss. You have to combine the two” she explains.
Breakfast:Deepika Padukone is a true food lover and loves to binge on Thai food and choco desserts. She believes one should enjoy eating their favourite foods as starvation doesn’t help in loosing your weight. Combination of  healthy diet and proper exercise is her mantra for a such a sexy figure she has. She prefers eating egg-white portion only, loves plain dosa with pudhina chutney ,idlis, upma and paranthas.
Lunch:Padukone loves eating food cooked at home. This includes- dal, rotis, sabji, salad, dahi and raita, i.e all common homemade items. Often she had to eat outside, so she only prefers idlis and food with very less oil in it.
Snacks:Deepika loves to have fruits. Her favourite fruits are grapes, mangoes, apples and watermelons and she prefers coconut water all time. She have cocoonut water in the morning after breakfast and also in the evening.

Dinner:Deepika Padukone’s doesn’t prefer heavy foods like rice. She likes to eat porridge with homemade dal and steamed sabji with pickle. She only eats light food for dinner, and she doesn’t prefer chicken or grilled fish at night.

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