Aamir Khan Workouts and Diet

 Aamir Khan Workouts and Diet
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  • Aamir khan workouts routines
  • Aamir khan fitness secrets
  • Aamir khan diet and exercises
Aamir Khan workouts and diet took 13 months of workout, with a daily regimen of about four hours, to achieve the next to impossible look for 'Ghajini'," Satyajit 'Satya' Chaurasia, who trained the actor for the film.Aamir Khan is looking stunning these days, while other
Khans are sporting six-pack abs, Aamir has gone two pack ahead with his physique. Aamir reveals the secret behind his ripped Ghajini look. Read below to know more: Talking about his physique Aamir says, “I needed this kind of physique because the kind of action you see me doing, you will believe I am capable of only because of my body.” “It took three hours of workout every day.
  •  3 things are most important, and in that order to acheive a good body like Aamir:

  1.  A healthy and balanced diet
  2.  Exercise
  3.  Rest
Workouts Routines
  • Bench Press
  • Chest Dumbell Press
  • Dumbell Flye
  • Incline Bench Press
  • T-BarROw
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Chinup
  • Barbell Curls
  • Dumbell Curls(21)
  • Preacher Curls
  • Concentration Curls
  • ShortGrip Triceps Press
  • Lying Extension
  • Rope Pulldown
  • Military Press
  • Front Shoulder Press
  • Seated Dumbell Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Bent OverLateral Raise
  • Upright Row

  • Leg Press
  • Squats

  • Curnches
  • LegRaise
  • Weighted crunches
Dieting Routines

  • Daily intake is broken down into six small meals every two hoursA small carb meal (banana, apple) before exercises that helps build energy. Avoid dairy products but can have buttermilk.
  • Food cooked only in 3 tbs of olive oil or saffola
  • Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits Rotis made of three-grain wheat (bajra, jowar and atta)
  • Snacks include biscuits, brown bread sandwiches, papaya (through the day)
  • No carbs after 8 pm, but soups or juices are allowed
  •  One or two pieces of tandoori chicken for dinner or four egg whites. Can alternate that with vegetable soup, and bhurji with salads or omlette (of egg whites only)
The importance of rest is often underestimated. No matter how hard you train, if you don’t rest your body, it will not respond as well.

During GHAJINI, as a rule, I slept for 8 hours (at least) every night. And I did 
‘shavaasan’ immediately post my bath after the training. Look up ‘shavaasan’ on the net.


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  3. To have a good body needs great discipline and sacrifice but we should not disregard our health also. Correct, the 3 most important things are, A healthy and balanced diet, exercise, and rest. Those are the main ingredient to achieve our goals.

  4. Great actor always challenging himself. Today is the first day in life after long time where i am able to touch my feet. Feel victorious. Peace to everyone and yes do exercise regularly. thanks for uploading the video. Viny

  5. A healthy and balanced diet, exercise, and rest. Those are the main ingredient to achieve our goals.
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