Angelina Jolie Workouts And Diet

 Angelina Jolie Workouts And Diet 

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Angelina Jolie had spent a few months on a special workouts and diet. Jolie's been forced to swap cigarettes and coffee for steamed meat, vegetables and
soya milk. 'It's an interesting test because I used to smoke and drink and I used to not eat breakfast but have a cigarette and coffee", Jolie said. She plays a tough CIA agent in her latest film Salt, which just hit the theaters this weekend. Find out how she got in shape as People  magazine has the scoop on her diet and workout.Angelina is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and highly discussed ladies in Hollywood. Some admire Angelina’s slender frame, while others think she would look healthier if she gained a few pounds. Although there is rarely a week where Angelina does not appear in the tabloids, there is not much information out about her workout and diet.


Angelina is a desire of every man. She has a perfect figure. She has everything in life, Money, fame, Success but all these things haven’t gave her the perfect body shape. It took a lot of efforts to get in a proper perfect shape. Here you will get to know all the secrets of Jolie’s workout and diet that she eats.
  • Two-hour training sessions, five times a week. She avoided cardio to help "put muscle on without losing weight."

  •  Angelina Jolie learns various fighting techniques, weapon training, kick-boxing for her role in Tomb Raider.
  •  She also learns martial arts that gave her a good body workout.

  •   She developed special exercises for getting strength in her legs and hips as these were the parts that were used in kick boxing.

  •  She daily spends a hour on Yoga workouts that helps her to stay fit and healthy with a good body shape.

 The actress’ other training sessions included yoga for flexibility and core strength and sports like soccer and rowing. The actress also took part in hours of sword fighting training to prepare her for the intense fighting scenes during filming. To gain lean muscle and strength, Jolie combined aerobic fat burning with resistance exercises. She used minimal rest periods using compound movements to recruit as many muscles as possible in less time. Her exercises included step-ups and shoulder presses, lunges and bicep curls, clean squat and presses and pull-ups.


Angelina don’t eat junk food and fast food. She is fully dependent on vegetables, soy milk, and she drinks protein shakes to add some extra protein in her diet. She eats salads, green vegetable and also drinks a lot of water. Angelina Jolie eats everything in moderation. According to People, Angelina “tries to eat healthy,with lots of fruits and vegitables. She doesn’t believe in depriving herself. She actually eats all the time, but does everything in moderation. She dropped her pregnancy weight by breast-feeding and eating a diet including light snacks, such as butter-free popcorn. And although Angie likely fits a size 0 or 2 herself, “She wants women to realize they are beautiful at any size. 
  • Angelina’s diet is comprised of low carbohydrate stuff that helps to shave off any fat on her body.

  • She takes 6 small meals instead of taking 3 heavy meals in a day.

  •  Jolie Prefers to have salads, fruit and fish. She avoids taking red meat and wheat based food in her diet.

  • Angelina Jolie’s diet lacks in protein, so she takes two protein shakes in a day to balance her diet. 
She have a toned and low fat body that makes her looks perfect in any dress. She mostly prefers yoga as she prefer to keep herself in shape through yoga workout. She do muscle toning yoga session. That makes her remains strong and sleek. Yoga also helps her to keep her mind relax.

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